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ray sheley III r3d photographyR3D Photography is the result of a love of photography and all that nature's beauty has to offer. It is the collection of fine art photography from nature and architecture photographer, Ray Sheley III, with the help of his wife Tammy Sheley.

Being born and raised in Upstate New York allowed Ray to experience all facets of climate change and nature's true beauty.  Ray and Tammy reside in the Finger Lakes region, which is dotted with historic cities and privy to majestic rolling hills, vast farmlands, countless vineyards, and dramatic gorges and waterways.

Ray grew up with his father in the city of Rochester. His father was an employee of Eastman Kodak and they lived in a nearby city neighborhood, however, his family was constantly outdoors.  They camped throughout the Adirondack Mountains and the Finger Lakes area.... real camping.... in tents or lean-to's. They hiked through the gorges at Letchworth State Park, Watkins Glen and the many mountains of the Adirondack's. They went cross-country skiing through many of the parks in the Finger Lakes and in the Adirondack Mountains. Ray's mother has been a long-time resident of an 1800's farm house in the Finger Lakes region. She owns her own antique store in a beautiful and historic cobblestone near Bristol Mountain ski resort.

Ray has always had an eye for art and the beauty of "things", especially architecture and landscapes. Growing up as an only child, his passion was to draw and he constantly had paper and a pencil in his hand. As he got older and was given a camera, he started taking pictures of buildings wherever were travelled and nature whenever he was outside.

Ray Sheley III of R3D Photography taking photos

But it wasn't until his wife Tammy gave him his first DSLR camera for Christmas one year that his true love for photography blossomed. From that date on, Ray has had a camera in hand or close by. Together they are constantly travelling about and looking for scenes to capture.

I don't think my wife truly realized how traveling anywhere with me would dramatically change forever.  Her patience has been put to the test as I am constantly stopping the car, grabbing my gear and jumping out for a "quick pic" but she genuinely enjoys the happiness that photography brings me. She supports my passion for photography and has even started taking  some pictures herself. Capturing nature's beauty is something I truly love. I am fortunate to be able to do so and have the support of a wife and family in pursuing my dream generic ambien without prescription !